Some West Windsor customers of ours ask us, "Do you need full coverage on a used financed car?" and other questions about how to finance a used car. There are always lots of questions, but financing a used car doesn't have to be confusing. The finance center at Jaguar Princeton covers how to finance a used car below!

How to Finance a Used Car

Do you need full coverage on a used financed car in Edison? If you're one of those people asking, you should know that most states don't require you to drive off of the lot with full coverage. But you'll likely need full coverage when you get financing, as many lenders want the security of a fully-covered car to protect their investment. In short: even used cars need coverage!

It's good to be prepared when car shopping. Use an online payment calculator to see provisional information about your car payments, interest, and coverage payments. Coverage would last the entire loan term.

How Many Years Can You Finance a Used Car?

Besides the above question, some Franklin Township drivers ask us, "How many years can you finance a used car?" That depends upon how you negotiate and what the lender is willing to do. First things first: you'll need to be prepared with personal information and other pertinent information for the lender. Bring at least these things with you:

  • alid Car Insurance Card
  • alid Driver's License
  • Supporting financial documentation, like pay stubs or credit card payments
  • Vehicle documentation for your current vehicle, if applicable.

So, in the end, how many years can you finance a used car? Loan terms can vary greatly. Another huge factor is your credit score, which can determine the interest rate and loan term. Browse the used vehicles around you and find out which is going to work best for you! For more tips like bank financing vs. dealer financing, rely on the expertise of Jaguar Princeton.

Learn More about How to Finance a Used Car at Jaguar Princeton

Jaguar Princeton is happy to help Princeton-area drivers find great deals on used car financing, coverage, and more! You can even apply for financing online to see what kinds of payment plans are available. Please contact us today to learn how to buy a car in another state or get started on your Jaguar journey!

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